Referent: Bernhard Tittelbach


Telematiker, Linux System Engineer, Tinkerer, Soft- und Hardwarehacker, Geocacher und Unternehmer.

Bernhard Tittelbach, studied a mix of electrical engineering and computer science at the Technical University of Graz, where he later specialized in satellite communications and cryptography. In his teaching-assistant days he co-wrote SWEB, an operating system intended for education and is today well known for his involvement with Linux and open source or fun projects like mur.sat. He likes to help out in community projects like Funkfeuer, realraum or the Chaos Communication Congress. In fact most of his free time is spent managing and tinkering at ‘realraum’, Graz' local hackerspace.
In the last 7 years he has professionally worked on embedded systems, as Linux systems engineer and sometimes consultant. Recently he co-founded Briefcase Biotec GmbH, an innovative biotech startup where he currently works as a mix of CTO and embedded systems engineer.